In this post I will be talking to you about my favourite online fashion retailer stores, why I like them, inspirational photos and giving you discount codes. 

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Red floral one shoulder playsuit £9.99 - 
New Look is a South African owned British global fashion retailer founded in 1969. New Look is one of the highest popular high street and online fashion retailers. The chain sells womenswear, menswear and clothing for teenagers. 

Price Range: Low: New Looks prices are very low compare to most places especially for the high quality of clothing. The playsuit shown in the image above, was only £9.99 and fits incredibly well. I always feel like I am paying the right price for New Looks clothing and I am not left wondering if I could have got it cheaper else wear. 
Latest Trends: High: Again another fashion retailer that is high in the latest trends. I think that New Look is absolutely incredible for what it is. They always have a range of the latest trends and what is advertised on their website is always in fashion. I think sometimes I will see a particular fashion statement in New Look and then check other retailers for which one I like best.

Website Usability: It is white with black writing matching the logo. The layout is simple and clean with a clear navigation/ search bar so the accessibility is very quick and easy. It has a range of images so you can identify the new stock and also see what is in the sale as it is in red text.

Best thing about the site: They always have a sale on or offers including 3 for 2. You are always aware if there is discounts or any promotions as it is highlighted throughout your shopping experience and also at the end near checkout. It is nice to be reminded especially if you save some money.

Delivery: Standard delivery £3.99 or free delivery to a local store. If you purchase more than £50 you will qualify for free delivery. 
Discount: 10% off with UNiDAYS and 10% off with a valid NUS card. If you sign up to their newsletter you can be entered into their competitions to win a gift card of a high amount. They also have emails with discount codes and free delivery.


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Short floral printed playsuit £15.99 -

Bershka is a fashion retail company created in April 1998 aimed at a young target market, with over 1,000 stores in 71 countries around the world. Bershka clothing range is aimed at women and men for a street style casual look. 

Price Range: Low - Medium: The reason for this is that the prices are expected for the quality of what they are. It is it's own brand, so therefore you are just paying for their clothing. 

Latest Trends: High: Bershka have always advertised everything I have been needing to get. They have a range of clothing that is released every month so you can keep up with the fashion trends. 

Website Usability: Very easy to access with a drop down menu so you can browse the right range for you. They use a range of different text and have a working search bar, so that you can find what you are looking for. 

Best thing about the site: The best thing I like about the website is that they have their #bershkastyle platform where you can be chosen to have your photos on their website advertising their clothes. If I was unsure what I wanted to purchase I would have a look through the #bershkastyle section to get some inspiration as you can see what it looks like in everyday places, instead of a model. If you like what has been worn by that fashion icon, all you have to do is click the image and it directly takes you to that item on the website. I think this is a really good idea that Bershka have created as Bershka and people around the world can connect with each other and be recognised for styling Bershkas fashion. 

Delivery: Free in store delivery or Free next day delivery on all orders over £40 

Discount: No NUS student discount but if you sign up for their newsletter you can get promotional discounts to use, for example, 20% off all items. 


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Embroidered mesh bodysuit £8.00 -

Boohoo is an online fashion retailer company selling affordable men and women clothing and accessories that are a decent value for money. 

"We don't take fashion or life too seriously. Whether you like to keep one step ahead of the trends, or if subtle style is more your thing, we're sure we've got something you'll love. And with up to 100 pieces hitting site every day and a new collection each week". 

Price Range: Low: A great way to prove this is the embroidered mesh bodysuit top, shown in the image above, is definitely at a low affordable price at £8.00. For the quality and style of this, you would expect it to cost a lot  more, maybe double or triple the price especially if you were to get this in other fashion retailers. 
Latest Trends: High: Boohoo have always advertised the latest trends and iconic street style clothing range.

Website Usability: Very easy to navigate with black bold text highlighting each category and red text indicating where the sale and promotional offers are. Boohoo has an accessible working search bar so that you can find all the stock related to what you are looking for. Lastly, the easiest thing they have is a refined filtering system, for example, if you search for dresses, you can filter the colour or sizes etc to make your shopping experience easier and quicker.

Best thing about the site: Pretty much every day they have a discount of some sort. Today they have 50% off menswear with the discount code 50MENS and also 20% off eveything that ends at midnight with the code GIMME20. If you sign up for their newsletter you can get emails with discounts on which is an extra bonus with the low affordable prices.

Delivery: Boohoo now have their BOOHOO PREMIER - £9.99 which is unlimited next day delivery for a year. You can normally get free delivery or at a low cost using the codes provided within the emails. Without this standard delivery costs £3.99. 
Discount: 10% student discount with a valid NUS card and with UNiDAYS you get 20% off student discount and 50% off MENSWEAR.


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Denim Skirt £25.99 - 

Miss Selfridge is a nationwide UK high street store which began the young fashion section of Selfridges department store in London in 1966. Miss Selfridge is a fashion retailer store for womenswear. 

Price Range: Medium - High: Miss Selfridge is definitely affordable but not for everyday clothing. It isn't overly expensive in general but you can find similar fashion styles in other clothing stores for a better value. Well... that's what I do. However, some things are definitely worth for their money and a great example of this, is the denim skirt, shown in the image above, costing me £25.99. I think this is a very good price considering it is purchased from a high end fashion retailers. 
Latest Trends: High: Miss Selfridge is definitely on the high end with the fashion trends. It is known for it's latest fashion trends bringing out new ranges every month.

Website Usability: The website usability is very easy to use, clear to read and everything works. The website is beautiful with a lovely colour scheme matching throughout. It also has a filtering option for you to identify specific aspects when finding the clothes you are looking for.

Best thing about the site: Miss Selfridge have a #MissSelfie section where you can tag your photos with this hashtag for a chance to be put up on their website. I absolutely love this as it is a great way to look at the latest fashion trends to visually see how a specific outfits looks in every day locations. I normally get inspiration from people's advertisement with their clothes on.

Delivery: Free standard delivery on all orders over £40 and Free express next day delivery on all orders over £70. If your purchase is less then that then your delivery will cost you £4.00. 
Discount: 10% off with UNiDAYS and 10% student discount with a valid NUS card. 

Which of these is your favourite fashion retailers? Comment below... 

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  1. I've never heard of Berksha before, it looks amazing! How did you find it? Also, love your blog, it's so nice to find someone else who has just started blogging, you're doing amazing! x

    1. Bershka is brilliant. You should definitely have a look at their online fashion store. I found their store one time when I went to Brighton and then I fell in love with their fashion! Thank you for the support, it means so much to me :) X

  2. Love your blog so muchh 😊💙💙💙

    1. Thank you so much! That means a lot to me. I am very new to blogging :) X


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